Story Telling

“People don’t buy WHAT you do; people buy WHY you do it.” 

Do you ever pitch? Want to make a standard story? With what purpose? And? Satisfied with the result? Or are you curious about something new?

The traditional “elevator pitch”, making an offer in one minute “you can't refuse” has had its best time. Simply dropping a memorized text to convince another one no longer works. Buyers now regard the traditional pitch as too obtrusive and too “smooth”. In addition, sellers also understand (hopefully) that there is no single offer for everyone.

For this reason, SalesRESPECT® has developed the Storytelling module. A mindset and skills training that teaches salespeople to tell their story in a fascinating and inspiring way. We teach you the psychology behind the story so that you will never open a conversation with a potential buyer in any other way.

The storytelling training aims to build an inspiring and fascinating commercial story that you can tell in any place and under any circumstance: during a network drink, to a prospect, at the start of a sales conversation, at a party, “along the line ”during football or on vacation. Your story will open the doors to more sales.

After the training you have your story ready with which you can start immediately, but not only that. We teach you the mindset and the method to build new stories every time, new stories that fascinate other people and that open the doors again and again.


We teach the participants why your story works. But also strange enough that telling your story is much more than sending. Your story is an invitation to let the customer tell and for this reason listening is a very important part of storytelling. In addition, we will look for your why of existence. After all, there we find the basis for your fascinating and inspiring story.


Every person and every circumstance is different. Maybe you also sell different products or services. We teach you to tell your story in a different way every time and also how to make new stories every time. Stories to tell and to fascinate and inspire others so that they want to continue talking to you.

At some point, the storyteller must withdraw. We teach you to listen carefully and to bend your story in a natural way to the start of the sales conversation. From sending to listening. Stories are successful if the seller gives in and moves with the customer and therefore listens well.

In short, in the world of today, in a world where buyers have large amounts of information and many options, your story is the start of the sales conversation. Now and in the future, your ability to convincingly tell your story will be decisive for your success.