We are very proud of our referenes and customers. If you want to contact them, please let us know.  

Sales Manager, Kooi 24/7 Camera Surveillance Frankrijk

"I have made progress in my customer relations and I already approach meetings with more understanding and serenity. As a bonus, I have even been able to make progress on a personal level, because I feel I know myself better. It was an interesting week for team building and in addition you are very nice people. So, a big thank you!" 

Event Manager Youmeet

I always had a slight negative opinion about the word sales. In my mind, it was often about cold calling and selling something that people are not waiting for at all. SalesRESPECT® has shown me that this deep-seated belief is not true at all. And above all that sales can also be fun and that I can only reverse this conviction myself! How did they do this !? In the preliminary phase, SalesRESPECT® listened carefully to the needs of the team in terms of development, what our personalities are and composed a program out of genuine interest. With the right balance between theory and a practical interpretation, SalesRESPECT® has provided us with the tools we needed to do better sales, but above all in a way that suits us.

Sales coordinator VELUX

"Sales is a profession, not a trick. This is one of the reasons we partnered with SalesRESPECT®. They took VELUX into their inspiring training based on our mindset. This resulted in a very educational day."

Representative Hela ketchup (curry), dressings and sauces

"This is so different from all those other Sales Training Courses where you only learn tricks."

Vice President Sales, Marketing & Business Operations Leibinger Coding and Marking Systems

"Personal ownership and accountability for the result are critical contributors to a successful (sales) life. SalesRESPECT® offered a welcome reminder and refocus during last week’s training. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about self-development and increasing their sales performance."

Business Unit Manager Vink Plastics

"We enjoyed the training. It waschallenging. The main goals are the learning objectives. We are making a huge step forward."

Sales Consultant KPN

"The SalesRESPECT® method is very applicable in many different sales roles."

Deputy Director SME & Insurance Rabobank

"The results that SalesRESPECT® has achieved with its competence and skills training in recent years with the employees of the Business Department of the Rabobank are excellent."

Relationship manager Art Museum The Hague

"It's great to work with our team on our curiosity and self-reflection and to discover how we can join forces. I am looking forward to the next training day, for a new day full of inspiration and challenges!"

Event Manager YNNO,  for new ways of working

"A really fantastic training! We had a lot of fun and learned a lot."

Product Owner ZorgDomein (Healthcare)

"This method has ensured that we have conversations within our team in a completely different way than before. The conversations are much more fun and the conversation partner really feels heard. Recommended for every salesteam!"