Why the SalesRESPECT® Mindset training?

Do you recognize the situation where you don't achieve the results you expected or hoped for? The customer says no, while you firmly believed that there would be a yes. What are you doing then? Is it the customer? Is it the price? Is it up to the competitor? Or do you perhaps have other reasons for not taking responsibility for your result? Apologies and reasons why something didn't work are popping up. The "yes, but" we hear others and ourselves often use, right? Suppose you want to say goodbye and learn to take full responsibility for your results, then the SalesRESPECT® Mindset training is an absolute must.

How do we train the Mindset?

Based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), we will take you through the program of one or two days:

  • How the most successful communication model works.
  • How you can influence your success.
  • How people learn and develop.
  • How the principles of pleasure, resistance and pain help change.
  • How the right beliefs contribute to your success.
  • How to say goodbye to limiting beliefs.
  • How you give and receive feedback.
  • How verbal and non-verbal behavior is established.
  • How you influence verbal and non-verbal behavior.
  • How Rapport is created and how you create Rapport (the click).
  • How to set goals and act.
  • How you can direct a conversation.
  • How to communicate on different levels of abstraction.
  • How to make a Personal Action Plan (PAP) and start working with it.

In addition to theoretical explanations, many individual exercises or group assignments are done. The goal is to arrive at a first draft of your Personal Action Plan (PAP). This PAP will be further developed after the training and will be supervised by the manager.

What if you have followed the SalesRESPECT® Mindset training?

After following the SalesRESPECT® Mindset training, you are always able to direct your result. There are simply no more excuses. Of course you always have the choice, but after this training you know that everything less than 100% is sabotage of your result. You are aware of the power of proactive behavior and know how to set achievable goals. Obstructive beliefs are a thing of the past and if there are a few more, you know how to say goodbye to them. Together with your colleagues you want to move forward, let obstacles disappear and ensure even better results. After the SalesRESPECT® Mindset training you have the key to succes.