Our clients understand that pushing specifications and benefits (Unique Selling Points) isn't effective. We learn them that sales, based on pushing USP's, lead to customer objections. Training such as "persuasion techniques" and "dealing with objections" is patchwork and not the solution. 

This method of sales does not develop any value for the customer. Of course you sometimes sell something, but the customer will use to the discount mechanism. Whoever is cheapest gets the deal. Why? Because the customer experiences no added value.

Our clients do not want this. Our clients want happy customers. Customers who experience the added value and who want to pay more for it. Satisfied customers, who also come back and tell other customers how satisfied they are.

You need curious Sales Professionals. These are employees who listen and do not talk too much. These employees are curious for the Unique Buying Reasons of the customer. The what? The Unique Buying Reasons: reasons for the customer to buy your product or service. Because your product or service solves customer problems. Problems that the customer likes to pay for when they are solved. 

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