Sales is not a trick, sales is a profession! That is what SalesRESPECT® stands for. No company and therefore no sales team is the same. When improving sales teams, we regularly receive the following questions:

  • Is our sales team balanced?
  • Why is one better than the other?
  • Which profile do I need?
  • What can I do to make my team even better?

Unfortunately, there is not one answer to these questions. After all, every sales team is different.

  • Do you sell services or a product?
  • Do you have hunters or farmers?
  • Do you sell B2B or is your target group government?
  • Are you dealing with tenders?
  • And then sales teams often have different roles: pre-sales consultants, internal account management and last but not least ... a manager.

In sales it is always a question of finding the right mix of people in the sales team. That is why it is important to gain insight into the specific sales qualities of your team and this is possible with SalesStep.

What is SalesStep?

SalesStep is an assessment tool for sales employees. SalesStep provides insight into the sales qualities of yourself, your team or, for example, your new colleagues. In a clear and well-organized dashboard in which you can see what your qualities are and also where your development potential is. In addition, with teamview you can visualize your team at a glance. What is missing and what can we develop? And for a vacancy: which profile do I need?

How does SalesStep work?

SalesStep gives you insight into the competences of your sales employees, team and of your new sales candidates. SalesStep is a validated and reliable online assessment that shows more than 20 different sales competences of target-driven sales employees. SalesStep uses an extensive online questionnaire that maps all aspects of the sales profession. In addition to sales competences, the sales mindset is also charted.

Dashboard and team report

The dashboard gives you all information about the scores of the assessment. We do this on the basis of three dimensions:

  1. Sales Drives, the motivation to be active in sales.
  2. Sales Attitude, four attitudes that make the difference in sales.
  3. Sales Skills, or the eight most important skills.

You receive a score for each competence that we measure, sometimes in the form of a traffic light that indicates whether something is sufficiently present or where there is development potential and sometimes in the form of meters that show the score relative to the benchmark. Finally, SalesStep gives a score for a number of environmental factors that are important. In addition to the dashboard, the participant receives an extensive report in which the various factors are discussed in more detail. A team overview is of course also available.

Get started

SalesStep provides insight into what your team needs to get better. Which links are missing in the team, which skills and competences need attention and what about the Mindset?