Customer case Vink Plastics

Gerry van Alst and Jan Henjes, both Business Unit Manager at Vink, embarked on an adventure with SalesRESPECT® to make every contact with the customer surprising and valuable.

It all started in 1954 with the import and distribution of PVC pipes. A lot has happened in 60 years. Vink Kunststoffen is now the most important plastic distributor in the Dutch market and has the widest stock in all of Europe. Vink's customers are active in almost all industrial sectors. Vink now has 76 branches and more than 1000 employees in Europe.

Choosing the personal approach

Some things don't change. “Every customer is important to us,” says Jan. “The individual needs of our customers are central and that is why we opt for the personal approach. We want to cooperate with the customer. We do this with enthusiastic and committed employees, supported by reliable suppliers, ”Gerry continues. “We want to be the best in everything. In the areas of employership, knowledge sharing, innovation, logistics services and communication.

First in responsibility

When you walk around at Vink you feel this passion, it smells and tastes like ambition at Vink. But the world is changing fast. Vink wants to be and remain the market leader in the distribution of plastic and everything around it. “As a leading supplier of semi-finished plastic products, we believe that we should set an example. For example in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, which is why CSR is integrated into all our business processes. ” “In the coming years, we want to focus on reducing our environmental impact within the CSR frameworks, and really give substance to our responsibility in the chain. That is why we invest a lot in innovation. We market products made from recycled plastic, but also think of new services such as our recycling service. ”

Benefits for over nine years

“We want to help our customers to the maximum and our people really know a lot. Much more than our website can tell. We also notice that our customers place more and more orders via the website. That is nice and fast and efficient, but it may be that they simply miss out on years of experience and the solutions that our sales employees can offer.

With that new challenge, we went back to SalesRESPECT®. Jan: “That's what we like about SalesRESPECT®: you can immediately apply what you learn, on the other hand SalesRESPECT® initiates a permanent behavioral change. Indeed yes, even after nine years! SalesRESPECT® makes our employees curious and our customers benefit from this every day: more pleasant conversations with more value for the customer ”.

Confident and good working

The new developments in the market and the ambitious growth objectives are now the reasons to get back to work with SalesRESPECT®. Gerry: "We believe that the most important condition for growth is the development of our employees, after all, it is the employees who make Vink what Vink is." Gerry continues: "With SalesRESPECT®, our employees learn to deliver real added value." And do they also sell more? "Absolutely!" Says Gerry, "Happy customers who do more business with us. And our people feel more confident about their added value. They enter into every contact with confidence. That's good work.”

Refresh and expand

Jan: “We think it is important within Vink that we all speak to our customers personally. After all, every customer is different and has his own wishes. But we also want to be recognizable in every customer contact as Vink, giving our customers the “Vink feeling”. That is why we have chosen to train not only the sales employees who come to the customer's table, but also our back office employees, our buyers and our marketing employees. A refresher training for one and a first introduction to SalesRESPECT® for the other. ” Looking forward to being curious about the customer for another nine years!

Assignment: 62 employees, 7 groups, 24 training days SalesRESPECT® Mindset and Sales Training