Interim (Sales) Management

No situation is the same, so our approach is always tailor-made. Together with the client, we determine what is needed by listening to what is said, but also to what is not said.

Continuity is important within your organization, especially in those places where there is contact with the customer, for example in sales or in customer service.

SalesRESPECT® is available in these situations to support your organization in your temporary need for more capacity. Thanks to our experience with a diversity of assignments and clients, we are able to quickly understand the matter and achieve results for your organization.

Which interim services can we perform?

  • Temporary management of (Sales) Teams
  • Implementing change and / or improvement processes
  • Consultancy projects in the field of strategy and Sales
  • Setting up a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Setting up a Sales Academy

Why does an organization choose Interim Management?

  • Bridging the (temporary) absence of colleagues due to illness, pregnancy, etc.
  • Rapid growth of the organization
  • Support for temporary projects
  • Implementing drastic change processes
  • Increasing the knowledge and / or experience within the organization

Advantages of Interim Management?

  • Flexibility
  • Lower costs
  • Rapid availability
  • Objective view

Important qualities of the SalesRESPECT® Interim (Sales) Manager?

  • Quickly “clicks” with the organization
  • Clear in communication
  • Can analyze problems clearly
  • Is a good listener
  • Has a feel for the organizational structure and (unwritten) rules
  • Acts reliably and RESPECT-full

Maybe you still have doubts and are you not sure whether Interim (Sales) Management is the right solution for you? Please contact us.