The reality of online presentation

At the moment we are all making a giant step in working online. We present with Microsoft Teams, “Zoom” with colleagues and have Google Hangout, Skype and Slack sessions with our customers. For some, online collaboration is a relief, for others it is hell, but we all agree on one thing: working online is indispensable and our way of working will change forever. Source: Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM) "Mobility and the Corona crisis"

From face-to-face to online

We all notice that working (together) online is different. We find it more exciting, after all, the technology sometimes lets us down and after a day of online meetings, consultation and presentation we are exhausted. And then there is the human factor, which seems to die online, we miss the human contact.

Working online was not started yesterday and before we started working online with a catapult "next level" we preferred face-to-face. After all, we have been in contact with each other face-to-face for thousands of years, and in those thousands of years the basis of how we communicate and work with each other is the basis of our behavior.

And now? Now we stare into a camera for hours, feel the limitations in non-verbal communication and suffer from the countless distractions that put our concentration ability to the test online ... in short; it is high time to get started and improve our performance online!

Accept and move forward

This development has prompted SalesRESPECT® to delve into what makes online interaction with each other and with the customer so different from face-to-face. After all, awareness and acceptance of the change is the key to improving our behavior online.

The Pyramid of Success Factors

The Pyramid of Success Factors © forms the basis for our online training offer. Each layer is a precondition and a success factor for your online presentation.

As one progresses up the pyramid, the shift from preconditions to success factors is visible. There is more and more interaction, communication, behavioral and kinesthetic factors (feeling) in the pyramid and the complexity increases as a result.

The right Mindset

Our starting point is that changes start in our brain, so the right mindset is of great importance in every layer of the pyramid. "The responsibility for a successful presentation lies with you and you hold the key to success." The combination of training skills and attitude and mindset ensures a permanent change in behavior of our participants.

Interactive and online

The Excellent Online Presenting training is a five-day online interactive training. The 2-hour daily sessions are easy to fit into your other activities. You follow the training online, so you also save the travel time.


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